Mar 2, 2007

Uuuuh, Oops.

Jeez, I had to visit two different places today to realize that I had missed out on a Bloggy Tradition. A rite of Passage! Something to do instead of Housework!

Upon the challenge encouragement praise of Our Seven QTPies, I hereby present my list of 100 (or nearly so) things about me, in Grand Bloggy Style...

1. I'm 31.

2. No, only for the first time.

3. I have four kids.

4. This breaks down to 3 girls, 1 boy.

5. I own my own business -

6. It's a sewing business and I enjoy it.

7. But just like the shoemaker, I sadly don't take much time to make things for my kids.

8. At least they're not naked.

9. I volunteer at my kids' charter school as the Box Tops for Education coordinator and Home EC sewing teacher, as well as all around copy maker for the teachers of my children.

10. Only 25 hours per family is required and I usually make that in the first few months.

11. Yes, I do enjoy it! Sara, MISTRESS of the Rizzo (fast copy) MACHINE! Feel my power...

12. I like to eat string cheese with a handful of pretzels. They go really well together.

13. The string cheese thing is a good healthy snack.

14. I'm round as a dumpling and curing this problem at Curves.

15. I've lost 21 pounds since late June.

16. Hubbers is proud but only if prompted - he is an engineer and you KNOW how they are...

17. I wear hard contact lenses or I'd be blind.

18. I hate wearing glasses because I have an adorable (on a kid) button nose that won't hold any sort of implement up to my eyes.

19. My kids have the same nose but only K (age 7) wears glasses.

20. K is making First Communion this year.

21. If she's really good, we might let her actually do it. K has listening issues - she listens to herself and not me.

22. I drive a sage green mini-van.

23. Yes, slider doors on both sides!

24. My neighbor told me when she found out I was pregnant with my last baby that we really ought to get cable.

25. Lucky for her that I know antenna TV doesn't cause babies... DUH!

26. We practice Natural Family Planning, which has a success rate of over 99% if done correctly and adhered to strictly.

27. Hey, this is a family friendly blog - we all know babies come from HEAVEN!

28. Look at that, I made it to 28 without having to think much!

29. Now what?

30. Hubbers and I don't watch TV.

31. Sometimes we watch movies. When we do, I post Flicks for Chix reviews here.

32. My closest in town friend moved to St George last year. Her hubbers is in the army.

33. Hence my addiction to blogging.

34. Not to worry, he got transferred again so they're only a few hours from here when they move this spring.

35. I sing for the Mass once a month.

36. No, it doesn't sound like blackbirds squawking, it's rather nice.

37. I had voice training once upon a time.

38. I can play (or did at one time) the violin, viola, piano.

39. I spend FAR too much time blogging.

40. At least no one is naked or unfed.

41. I taught myself HTML.

42. I learned mostly by trial and error and look and copy. Works for me.

43. Ooops, wrong post and it's not Wednesday.

44. I read a LOT.

45. Except at the dinner table, because not only is it RUDE, it also makes you pay absolutely NO attention to what you've eaten, thereby blocking the "I'M FULL ALREADY" signals.

46. I enjoy books on CD/Tape/MP3.

47. They really fill in the time when I'm cleaning (laughs!), sewing or cooking.

48. Hubbers doesn't know I have ears under the headphones.

49. The kids think it's part of my hair.

50. WHEW! Half way done...

51. I have no grey hair on my head, but my eyebrows are seriously silvering.

52. How odd is that?!

53. Hubbers is gracefully grey at the temples.

54. He says I did it.

55. Yeah, right.

56. Hubbers and I have been married almost 11 years.

57. We have two anniversaries for our wedding.

58. Guess you'll have to wait till I post my Marriage Meme from my good buddy Aimee at The Mother Load to figure THAT one out.

59. Two free alterations to the person who gets it before then!

60. Uuuuuhhhh...

61. My MP3 player is a SanDisk Sansa m240, lipstick pink.

62. I got it for Christmas.

63. It's pretty cute until it got stuck on the Sansa screen and wouldn't go any further.

64. SanDisk wanted me to buy Windows XP just to run the diagnostics on it.

65. I said no and let Hubbers rant on their butts till they agreed to replace it.

66. I am Windows free. I run Debian LINUX on my machine.

67. This means no more Blue Screen of Death.

68. I switched 2 years ago and won't go back.

69. I'm a Catholic convert.

70. Hubbers is a cradle Catholic.

71. I didn't convert just to marry Hubbers. It was for me.

72. Perhaps sometime I'll post my story. I've been a lot of places related to religion and churches.

73. I went to Europe during Lent in 1989. Wouldn't you know that was the year I gave up chocolate?!

74. Yes, I kept my sacrifice.

75. 1989 in Germany. That was the year the wall fell, remember?

76. It was haunting. I still have pieces of that wall in my scrapbook.

77. More haunting than that was the concentration camp we visited - Dachau. No life. No grass. No birds. Nothing. Just ghosts.

78. I still get shivers thinking of it.

79. I sell on eBay. Mostly I enjoy it. Sometimes it's a hassle.

80. We have a circus of pets here. 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 parakeets, 3 hermit crabs, 4 kids, 1 Hubbers.

81. Don't birds make such a cheery noise? Nice and early in the morning? REAL early!?

82. I like white cheddar flavoring on my popcorn. YUM.

83. I'm going to have some if I ever finish this post...

84. My favorite color is blue.

85. Hubbers doesn't think I'm that funny.

86. That's okay - I think I'm funny enough for all of us...

87. We go rollerblading as a family every Saturday.

88. I have a red Dodge Stratus that is a hit and run magnet. 2x in 4 years is 2x too many!

89. Yeah, we're gonna sell it, I think. Do we have to tell 'em it's "The Magnet"?

90. My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is: Her Royal Highness Sara the Elegant of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobw

91. I blogged my Christmas letter this year...

92. Yeah, I, uh, just trolled the archives, such as they are, for more material!!

93. This is officially post 152 or theresuch, so it's not exactly my 100th post blogiversary.

94. How do you make strike-throughs? Like this, only without all the spaces:
< s > text < / s >

95. Remember how I said I taught myself HTML? I learned this by Google-ing it.

96. PUSH! Only 4 more!

97. I'd love to have more kids, but I have really bad post partum depression. This stuff is serious. Please get help if you need it!

98. Yes, I know where babies REALLY come from - no need to comment on that, please.

99. I'm applying to become a La Leche League leader!

100. I'm SO done...

So, if you haven't already done it, I tag Barb (SFO Mom), Aimee (The Mother Load), Stephanie (Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood), and T (T with Honey) as well as anyone else who wants to join in!

Remember, everyone loves a comment. Even snarky ones like me...


T with Honey said...

I loved learning more about you. But did you have to tag me?? 100 things... about MYSELF... this could take a while. But seriously, thanks for challenging me to do this. :)

T with Honey said...

Honey was reading your 100 over my shoulder. He had a big "You go, Girl!!" for running Debian.

Our guess for the 2 anniversaries: 1 for his family, 1 for yours

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

Your two anniversaries... were you married on February 29th?

Or is it that you were married unbeknowst to everyone in a quiet ceremony, perhaps with a judge, and then had a "real" wedding with all the fam?

DYING to know...

Heather (from the blog party!)

Aimee said...

OK, I am going with the quiet JP wedding and then a wedding that everyone knew about - but that Leap Year wedding is a great guess, too!

I knew I was supposed to do my 100 things list way back when I hit "100" posts, but I've been avoiding it. You caught me! I'll work on it. :)

Qtpies7 said...

I guess you got married privately and then had a ceremony. My friend did that because she was pregnant and needed to be on her dh's insurance, but her parents still don't know, lol, its been almost 18 years!
I lived in Germany from 89-95, we were there when the wall came down ON my dh's 21st birthday. Oct. 3. We were actually on a trip to France and Luxembourg that day.

Sara said...

Yuppers - the quiet ceremony and then the big church to-do is RIGHT!

Heather, you guessed first! I'll be "right over" to collect your alterations to be done! Now, how far from Idaho ARE you?

Anonymous said...

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