Mar 1, 2007

We Have Birthday Completion, Houston...

Whew. What a day. My oldest baby turned 10 today. Where did the time go? seems like just yesterday I was anxious for her birth, expecting her first word, watching her explore the yard for the first time. Now she tells me "But MOM! I'm ALMOST a TEENAGER!!"

I told L the other day that I was too young to have a daughter as tall as her. She didn't know quite what to think. But as she's lived with us the whole 10 years of her life, she's learned to let most of it just roll.

Like the time I told her that she wasn't going to have a birthday this year. Eyes rolled and the "Yeah Right" expression appeared. (And not for the first time, either.) She's come to express her feelings in one small statement: "You're SO weird." Naturally the other kids have taken it up as their life motto.

We had a small family party this evening, complete with turtle brownies with green frosting, presents, and birthday spanks. Somehow during the counting of the spanks I kept loosing my place and having to start over again. Darn old age... We'll have the obligatory friends party on Saturday at the roller rink, thereby combining both our regular Saturday exercise session with friends and more cake for a truly sugared up good time for all.

Meanwhile, why don't you click on that Ultimate Blog Party picture right over there in my sidebar and join us March 2 - 9? It's free, there will be prizes awarded, more people will visit your blog and satisfy your comment cravings, there will be prizes and it's all hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. (Did I say there would be prizes?) Click the link up there and check it out!

See at the Par-tay!


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

So glad L had a GREAT birthday!!!!

I'd LOVE to see those turtle brownies!

scribbit said...

Ten years flies by--my oldest is 13 and I still can't believe it.

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