Jul 3, 2008

Acupressure for Induction

I've used acupressure to relieve migraines without any problems. The steps are easy and effective. However, I haven't tried THIS yet. Maybe Hubbers will help me. He DOES tell me that he thinks baby will make his appearance today. We'll see. Click on the acupressure chart to enlarge.

Acupressure involves applying pressure using your fingers and thumbs on specific points. Using acupressure is a natural way to induce labor by helping the cervix to ripen and dilate. This is a completely safe way to induce labor for both mother and baby. Here are some acupressure techniques that you can use to induce labor.
WARNING! Do not use this until you are at term.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step One
Push on the hoku spot which can be found on the top of your hand. It is located in the webbing between your forefinger and your thumb. Massage this area at an angle to stimulate contractions. It may feel slightly tender in this area. This affects the large intestine which surrounds a portion of the uterus.

Step Two
Rub the area called spleen 6 for one minute. To find this area, place four fingers above your ankle bone on the inside of your ankle. Applying pressure to this point helps ripen the cervix and strengthen weak contractions.

Step Three
Find the bladder 32 spot by tracing one finger width above the buttocks crease. You should feel a small indentation at this point. Massage this point for one minute.

Step Four
Apply pressure to BL60 to help the baby descend toward the pelvis. You can find this spot between your ankle bone and Achilles tendon.

Step Five
Press and rub these spots in a circular motion. It should feel sore or tender but not painful. Remove pressure when you feel a contraction. Continue with the acupressure after the contraction has subsided.

Step Six
Repeat applying pressure to these spots. You can repeat up to six cycles per time. Apply less pressure if it becomes painful.

Step Seven
Use these same techniques in the labor room. They can help ease your labor pains.

source: Ehow.com


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

It surprises me there's nothing about the foot - did you know the spas won't give foot massages to pregnant ladies past a certain gestation because it can bring on early labor? This is what I've been told on several occasions! (which, DRAT! I could really use a foot massage!)

Anonymous said...

Neat! You have to tell us if you and Hubbers try this.

Aimee said...

My SIL tried this when she was two weeks overdue with her first. Unfortunately it didn't work with her, but I think there were some other issues at play anyway. (She ended up w/ an emer. c-section.) But she does know lots of people who tried this and it worked well :)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Cool! We thought a fourth of July baby would be fun, too! It's not looking likely, though!

Czar said...

Acupressure? I've never heard of this term before. All I know though is acupuncture....

What's the difference between acupressure and massage? Are they the same?

Anonymous said...

Soon 38 weeks!!! Im going to try it...results will be published soon!! Wish me luck!!!

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