Jun 25, 2008

1930's Wifedom and 36 Weeks

As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Thanks, Barb, for this link! Who knew? Thankfully I don't have to actually go back to that time and wear those gorgeous clothes - they don't flatter my particular shape. Not to mention the atrocity of maternity items then!!

Speaking of maternity issues:

I had my 36 wk visit on Monday. Baby still appears head down, although floating (ballottable) hence at a +1 station. Can I tell you how much that check hurt? Yeeeoouch!! I've never had an internal check at this stage that hurt THAT. MUCH!

In just a week the cervix has gone from nada to a "loose one" centimeter dilation and softening. Baby was awesomely, painfully active last night and I'm praying that he didn't turn himself around the wrong way!

I had someone tell me that the time between she saw me at my baby shower on Saturday and Tuesday afternoon the baby has landed down on my knees, but I don't feel like Baby Bunting has dropped.

As long as baby doesn't come this weekend, okay? Hubbers has to be in Phoenix for a Mona Vie meeting the whole weekend. Can't you just see that? Me, in labor, with the doula and the baby's godmother? What a story that would make. What blackmail!

Roo Boo keeps asking various people why the baby can't be a girl? She wanted a sister, dang it! Trying to explain that God made that decision a long time ago, when the baby was first started, makes no sense to the nearly 7 year old. Yes, her birthday is next week!!

I'm very tired. All the time tired. I can do about one good thing per day, one trip somewhere, one load of laundry - one THING - per day and then I'm wiped out.

I've been giving more jobs to the kids and they've been good about responding in a helpful spirit for the most part. My decisions aren't very popular at times, and Curly Girl especially loses her dessert privileges quite often for yelling at my and back talking, but we're working through it. Roo Boo also wants a lot of discipline lately for not staying on track or listening to mom the first time.

So, that's where things are at this time. Steady and sturdy, not much change.


AZMom said...

OH bummer he is going to be here! I would love to see you if you could have come too!!! DRAT!

It is HOT here...so be sure and tell him that! He needs to drink a lot of water even if he inside. :-)

An Ordinary Mom said...

You sound a lot like me. I, too, can only manage one thing a day and even that is a challenge.

I can't wait to meet this new little one of yours!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I feel just the same way. I can manage one good thing a day and then I am wiped out!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! It is fun to be involved with other pregnant women!!

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