Jan 1, 2007

What'd *you* get?

Well, it's been a long 2 weeks for Christmas break and I'm rather happy that school starts up again tomorrow. I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but traveling 4 hours with no adult relief at hand (hubby stayed home) twice in three days is just too much.

Anyway, the traveling was my point. (BTW, did you know that you can spell traveling two ways? Travelling or Traveling. Fascinating, huh?) Being away from home, my bathroom, the "magic mirror" (you know, the one where I look normal and maybe even good on occasion), I haven't had the leisure to check out the growing together of my eyebrows.

You remember Brook Sheilds when she had monster eyebrows? Well, that's the brows I have. It's about all I can do to keep them divided into two separate and distinct entities, never mind the fancy curving that is so pretty and fashionable these days.

Yes, an eyebrow pencil will never be needed in my home - the girls all got my same eyebrows...

When I had a moment to myself in the bathroom (mark THAT one on the calendar - it's a first in a LONG time!) mere moments ago, I closely peered into that "Magic Mirror" with the 10X zoom feature, I realized that what I got for Christmas was not what I wanted.

I got white hair. In my eyebrows. Four more than just yesterday, I swear!

The first time one of these showed up, about 6 months ago, I pulled that sucker out with my handy-dandy tweezers. Man that stung! But they perpetrated revenge upon me big time! Not only did that original one come back, it also brought friends (slaves?).

My mother tells me that she's had a white streak in her hair since she was 16. Sounds rather skunk-like, don't it? Truth is, she's kept it well colored for all these years and I'm thinking this streak thing was just a ruse to make me feel better. Plus, I saw her without any makeup over the past week and she's got LESS grey eyebrows than me. (Another word with multiple spellings - Gray or Grey.) How can that be?

Of course, it balances out, since my hairdresser assures me that there is NO grey on my head at this time. Who knew that the eyebrows would be the first to succumb?

Since I can't spend all my time in the bathroom plucking rogue white hairs from my massive brows - that's a lot of area to cover - I guess I'll resign myself to the Great Turning. After all, it's a badge of honor, right? RIGHT?!

So, what did you get for Christmas?

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