Dec 13, 2006

My Christmas Letter, Blogged

Yup. You've seen them before, right? Everyone seems to send out a letter with the Christmas cards. Some people like them, some don't. I have always liked reading what has happened to my friends during the year - it's much more informative to read a letter than just a card with a signature.

I spent 10 married yrs hand writing each of my Christmas card notes and I just decided that I'm done. God bless the printer! I got the idea to blog my Christmas letter from the Rocks in My Dryer blog and the Works for Me Wednesdays.

So, here's my own personal form letter. Enjoy!

I'm the official sender of cards and after 10 yrs of handwriting each and falling behind every year, we're switching to our high tech! God bless the printer.

L is 9 and in 4th grade. She is doing very well and was invited to join the gifted and talented program – she's very excited about this! She's looking forward to Alter Serving for the first time in January.

K got glasses for 2nd grade. Not only can she see what she's reading now, but she's also super cute! K doesn't like school as much as sissys do, but she's diligent in her work and does a good job. K will be making her First Communion this spring, so keep her in your prayers.

A turned 5 this summer and got to start school this fall. She loves her teacher and her class! Kindy is fun and she is doing so well other than missing mom in the day. She wants to read very badly and it won't be long before she can!

F turned 2 in the spring and is very much a 2 yr old boy. Every day presents a new opportunity to fall off of or run into something news. He takes after his Daddy by loving to dress up in costumes! He is a happy little man but misses his sissys when they're at school. I spend a lot of time answering “Where is sissy?

Hubby won a cool invention award this year called R&D 100 and we got to fly to Chicago for a super fancy awards dinner and 2 full nights without kids!! He also has numerous projects going at home, so visit his website to see more:

I'm also happy and healthy. My sewing business ( ) has picked up enough to keep me out of trouble and I'm enjoying the special time with just me and my boy. As this is my first ever Christmas letter, I'm signing off before getting tedious. If you'd like to hear more about us during the year, visit my blog:

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Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Never thought of blogging my Christmas letter!

I've never written a Christmas letter! LOL!

Neat idea!

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