Jul 19, 2012

14 weeks: Back after a break

No, no.  Nothing is wrong here.  I took a short break from my (erratic) blogging to run back and forth, 250 miles each way, a few times these past three weeks.  My oldest two baby girls went on vacation to IOWA on a plane ALONE to see Grampa on the Farm.

They had a blast, enjoyed their freedom, loved their second ever plane ride, and vacationed until they were bone weary.  THEN they came back to Grammy's house for a few days.  THEN they went to Gramma Jo's house for two weeks.  Except for I dropped the rest of the kids off and brought CurlyGirl home with me to help tend the menagerie here.  Whew.  It has been exhausting just trying to work out all the departure/arrive times and the scheduling.

So the kids, other than ChickyPunk and CurlyGirl, are visiting with Gramma Jo, learning some art from Super Auntie, and generally enjoying their time away before school cranks up again.

Speaking of which, all my boxes from IDVA arrived earlier this week!  It's official, school is starting up again V-E-R-Y soon.  I have six or seven large boxes of books, tools, and just plain STUFF sitting in my school room, waiting for me to have the gumption to pack up and send back last year's unused and returnable stuff so the new things can be shiny on the shelf before getting used daily.

Meanwhile, I had my 12 week midwife visit and couldn't hear the heartbeat.  I wasn't too surprised, since my uterus is retroverted (tipped backwards) and I'm rather (cough) padded.  I went back on Monday past at 14 weeks and heard that beautiful pounding.  158 to 178 beats per minute: healthy baby!!

In summary: I didn't wait to post for any reason other than being the busy mom of six kids, goat wrangler, chicken herder, geese watcher, taxi mom, exhausted pregnant woman.

On to the linky!!  I want to say thank you so much to Sarah for stopping by to check in on me.  You are wonderful, Sarah, and not just because we have the same name.


How far along are you?  Woot!  14 weeks!  I just love the pictures of a real baby in the womb, rather than the artist inspired ones.

Best Moment this week?  I heard the heartbeat on Monday!  I had lost a baby at 12 weeks several years back, but that loss still haunts me until I hear that beautiful sound.

Baby's growth?  My baby is the size of a lemon! 


Symptoms?  I'm finally feeling less sick, but the urge to retch is still strong.  My round ligaments are telling me that they are very much in use.

Weight gain (or loss)?  My weight, as of this morning, is down to 1/2 pound less than when I got pregnant.  This is normal for me, to loose weight at the beginning and not put on much at all.

Cravings?  I am dying to eat TUNA salad all the time.  I like tuna anyway, but I must eat tuna at least once per day.  I did this with TheBoy, too.  In fact, I took a lot of ribbing about this.

Discussion Question:  Share a favorite freezer recipe or easy, go-to recipe that comes in handy after the baby is born.

This one is a little difficult.  My favorite gift to give or receive for a new baby is a meal.  That and clean toilets.   Throwing something in the crock pot is easy for mom to do, instruct dad to do, or freeze for later.  My older kids are going to learn this when our  BabyBean comes.  Here's a link to my recipe blog for Super Chili.  Good, filling, makes a TON, easy to freeze, crowd pleaser.

If you're a pregnant blogger, if you know a pregnant blogger, please join us.  Here's a snip from Sarah's site, our sweet linky host:

Let's encourage and support one another as we go through this season of life together.  Blogging through your pregnancy is an excellent way to keep track of your thoughts, feelings, and growing baby (and belly)!

I pray that this link-up bring glory to God; that this link-up becomes only what God intends; that this link-up be a source of encouragement, support and friendship to all those who participate.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5 

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Sarah Avila said...

Just reading about all your running around is making me tired!!

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. I'm sure all the busyness has distracted you a bit.

When we moved a couple months ago, I didn't notice the nausea as much; then when things settled down - there is was. At 19 weeks I'd say it's gone except for the occasional tummy ache from something that didn't agree with me!

Thanks for your kind words! I'm loving all you pregnant mommies!!!


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