Jun 26, 2012

11 weeks, Stomach Flu

Have you ever had the stomach flu?  You feel like you are emptying out from both ends (sometimes simultaneously) and just wish wish wish it would stop.  Now, imagine that this happens to everyone in the family at the same time.  Now imagine that you have severe morning sickness on top of that.  Welcome to my week!

My sinuses got hit right after the stomach flu left.  Sadly, most of the time my sinus goo turns into sinus infection.  I'm trying to ward it off using my neti pot, some herbal things (as per my midwife) and lots of prayer!
Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5

Here's my link up to the Joy-Filled Life Pregnancy Journal.

Discussion Question:  This week's question is from Katherine over at Proverbs and Pacifiers.  "I'd love to ask all those nursing mommies out there about how their nursing relationship changed when they got pregnant. Did you have problems with milk supply or babies wanting to wean early? Did anyone have to supplement with formula? Oh and how difficult is it to nurse both a toddler and a newborn?" 

 - I can't answer this as I've never tandem nursed and my babies were mostly self-weaned before I got that big fat plus sign.

How far along are you?  I'm 11 weeks 2 days.  I found myself worrying last weekend that I wasn't feeling "enough" morning sickness.  The next day, I knew I needn't have worried. 

Baby's growth?  My baby is the size of a fig!  I've been certain this was a girl since the beginning, due to the excessive morning sickness (the worst it's ever been since I was pregnant with #1) and my Iridologist confirmed it.  Apparently you can read it in the eyes!  He was right on with the last baby, so I don't doubt him.

Baby is growing hair follicles, fingernails, and ovaries (if she's a girl). She has distinct human characteristics by now, with hands and feet in front of her body, with ears nearly in their final shape, open nasal passages on the tip of her tiny nose, a tongue and palate in the mouth, and visible nipples. What else makes her look human? Those hands and feet have individual fingers and toes, no more webbing! source

Weight gain (or loss)? I've gain about 2 pounds, according to my own measurements, since I discovered the pregnancy.  I'm a plus size woman, so to see the hard work I put into losing weight seemingly disappear is hard.  I'm reminding myself that I'm eating healthy, exercising and growing a new human life.  It's all okay.

Prayer requests?  For health.  It seems like this last week has just knocked us all right over.  I have so many responsibilities and my oldest three helpers are going on vacation starting soon so I'll be even more busy.  Having some health on my side will make it much easier for me to look after the three littles, chase the goats back into the field, run laundry for 7 people (including some bed wetters), cook for, feed & wash up for 7, as well as carve out a bit of time for sleep.

Honestly, I find that I'm letting my link up here turn into such whining!  It's probably because I have no one else to share it with as this baby is still a bit of a surprise that is still in the bag.  I shall endeavor to pack away the whining and tell you just how happy we are to be having another baby.  I purchased some cute fabrics for a raggy quilt and can't wait to get started.  For now, my current baby, Chicky Punk, is intent upon helping me type, so I better be finished.  See you next week!!


Elaine said...

just found your blog and i am due around the same time as you! im 11wks 3days today (29th june!)

Sarah Avila said...

Sara - Thanks for linking up again!

I really enjoy your honesty!! I don't mind the "whining"! That's what we are here for! Most likely we can relate in some way or another!

I'm so sorry to hear that the stomach bug hit your house! It's never fun when the whole family gets sick, especially when you have a big one! Praying for returned health and quick recovery!


Sarah Avila said...

Checking in again! Hope your are feeling better and enjoying your summer!


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