Aug 24, 2012

19.5 Weeks

I've been so busy these past few weeks that many things have gone neglected.  My house isn't as clean, meals are simple & fast, & I haven't changed the sheets on my bed in 2 weeks.  Gross, I know. Waves of different kids were gone for most of July visiting Gramma & Grampa. When they came back we had a week to prepare for the county fair & their 4H project books. The fair was last week & the kids did very well.  Two nice new trophies came to live at our house, along with a multitude of ribbons & rosettes. It was a long LONG week. Now the last 2 are visiting Grandparents & I pick them up Sunday.  School starts next week, but I've been easing into it with The Boy this week. Next week I have my 20 week midwife visit, the big ultrasound the next day & I see my iridologist the day after. The discussion question this week was about birthing a new baby during the school year & still handling homeschool.  This was our situation 2 years ago & will be again this January.  We schooled during the traditional breaks & instead took our breaks when the baby showed up.  I intend to do the same again this time. I also relied on my oldest children, teens, to help out quite a bit.  They already know that they will take more on this time, too.  They will help me with schooling, meals, household & animal chores, & however else they think they can.  I'm so grateful to have the older children & I try to reward them both intangibly & physically.  I also work hard to ensure that they don't feel like I'm taking advantage. My baby is the size of an heirloom tomato!  Since I'm mobile blogging, I don't have any pictures to post, but be sure to visit the link up I'm part of: My Joy-filled Life.
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