Feb 2, 2012

I Stand with Komen

By now, I'm sure you have heard that the Susan G. Komen foundation has severed it's ties with the nation's abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.  While I wish I could be snarky and write a mean epitaph instead of the horrible name that is about anything BUT parenthood, I will refrain.

Join me in signing the petition to thank the Susan G. Komen foundation for breaking off supporting this murder machine by visiting I Stand with Komen.  You can also see them on Facebook.

In my own humble words, on my own humble blog, thank you so very much for supporting the cause of life.


Sara @ Untold Stories of a 20 Something said...
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Sara @ Untold Stories of a 20 Something said...

Disagreeing with abortion is one thing, but diagreeing with a whole organization that happens to provide abortion is quite another. Abortion services performed with
PPH are only 3% of the services offered, in 2009, 332,000 out of 11.4 million services. I think this article would be beneficial to those believing PPH is an "abortion giant".

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