Apr 16, 2011

Walking Through Fire

A Twitter friend wrote this article and I just enjoyed reading so very much.  There is so much truth inside her words that I just couldn't NOT share it with you.  There is so much running away from the hard things in life, especially in marriage.  One out of every 2 marriages ends in divorce.  How sad is that?

True.  I have never had a divorce of my own.  But also true, my mother has been through two, so I have been through two.  My parents divorced when I was in the fifth grade.  Can you imagine what trauma that was to an on-the-cusp preteen who was already dissatisfied with her self image?  Not to mention that on top of the divorce, my mom went out and started dating immediately and eventually brought home the biggest loser of all: my physically and verbally abuse to children, unfaithful to her, first step-father.

Yes.  She apologizes left and right for this mistake.  And she is now married to the very best man around, other than my own dad.  But imagine what this taught my vulnerable self?  Marriage was temporary at best and not something to stay committed to for long.  And any old guy to hop in the sack with was okay: the kids and their feelings sure didn't matter.

I'm not saying stay married for the kids' sake, especially if the marriage is abusive.  But God doesn't want us to divorce, be abusive or make the wrong choices.  My religion tells me that no man can dissolve what He has united in marriage.

So read this article in its fullness.  Please take the time to read and ponder upon it. Pray about it.  Pray for those who feel that divorce is the easiest (and only) answer.  May God with them and you.  It starts out like this:

If ever there was a romance that started off with a bang it was ours. It was love at first sight—the kind of love affair that many have trouble believing exists until they find themselves swept up in one of their own. We fell, rolled head over heels, and saw stars. It was clich√©, yes, but also extraordinary.

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