Apr 13, 2011

Homeschooling 1st Grade

Have you ever taught someone to read?  It's harder than you think.  How do you explain what is second nature to you?  Explain something that you adore and comes so easily for you to a small boy who isn't terribly excited about learning it?

I am using the K12 curriculum for our homeschooling.  This is our 2nd year using this program and I have not many complaints about it.  But I often find myself wishing that TheBoy went off to school to have someone else teach him these hard things.  It's rather overwhelming.

We're slowly finding our way, together.  I am easier on him than I probably should be, but he is picking it up.  He has attended a few extra Tier 2 classes to help him with his grasp on the subject and I make him read to me every day.  He's such a good boy.

It's the one thing I miss about public school: sending them away for the day and having peace and quiet.  I am NEVER EVER alone.  I NEVER have free time to myself.  I am stealing the time to write this while I should be teaching phonics, eating lunch, nursing BabyJoy, directing housework, and waking Hubbers up from his nap.


It was Hubbers' choice to homeschool.  I am being the supportive wife and enjoy homeschooling.  Most days.


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