Apr 12, 2011


I'm about a month behind where I wanted to be in starting my garden but we finally got some planting done today. 

The Boy (he turns 7 tomorrow!) helped me load the seed trays with soil and then we planted!  We have so far done a variety of tomato plants and some mixed lettuce.  We're taking a small break for some essential school work on phonics and reading, and will then move on to planting tomatillos and swiss chard. 

And then I'm out of seed trays!  I better hit the store for some more so I can plant the rest of what I had in mind: assorted radishes, onions, green onions, parsley, potatoes, gourds, squash, and more.  We have plans to have a large garden this year to help us during these "trying economic times".

Now, if it would only stop raining and we could till the garden...

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