Jun 28, 2010

Today - A Visit to the Dr

I am off to the OB at 11 today to see what the reason for the spotting over the weekend was about.  Thankfully it's stopped, not continued into a miscarriage, but the fright is still there. 

In about an hour, I will see my baby on the screen again.  The greatest relief I had when I saw the heartbeat about two weeks ago is something I savor daily.  Life.  It's heartbreaking to remember when I saw Michael on the ultrasound, still and lifeless, and contemplate seeing this baby that way.

I am petrified.  I feel like the glass on the verge of breaking, so fragile and brittle.  I'm afraid to hope.  And yet I feel the peace of God around me like loving arms.  He is my protector and will see me through anything yet to come.  I cling to that.

So pray for me and baby7 as I know many of you are.  I can feel His love around me, and yours, through your prayers.

1 comment:

Barb, sfo said...

I'm glad all went well at your DR visit! Prayers will continue for you and baby7!

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