Jun 26, 2010

Nine Weeks and a Problem?

I'm at exactly 9 weeks today.  Hubbers is at the International Mona Vie Convention in SLC, celebrating 5 years in business.  I'm at home with five kids.  I found today that I'm spotting a little.

This has never happened to me before, except when I lost Michael at 12 weeks.  I'm scared out of my mind.  I don't want this to happen again.  I want this baby, no matter what I've said about having six kids.

Graphic description ahead.  Squeamish beware.

At nine weeks the baby looks fully human.  Fingers, toes, genitalia distinct, heart four chambered and beating away, eyes formed behind lids, twitching and moving on his own.

I still have the pregnancy symptoms and am trying not to over-analyze every twinge and ting in my body.  The Dr can't see me till Monday and even if he could see me right this minute, they couldn't do anything.  My mind is not at ease.

The blood is pink tinged mucous, so not even really blood.  It could have come from a number of other causes, including the fragile cervix being damaged.  It's not a lot of pink, but it's there and worrysome.

The Dr said if it gets heavy or painful, go to the ER or call in for pain help.  I guess what I want is to know if my baby is still alive or gone.  I'm not cramping and the spotting is mostly gone, but with my history of losing Michael at 12 weeks, I'm still sad and frightened.

What can you do?  Pray for me, for my sweet little baby, for peace and strength and safety.


Mommy D said...

How scary. I know that no matter what anyone says to try to console you you will still stress and worry. I would too. In fact I would probably be freaking out. You and the little one are in my prayers. My God watch over you and the baby and keep you both safe!

Mommy D

Anonymous said...

I'll say some extra prayers for you guys. Out of curiosity have they checked your...I think it's progesterine(?) levels? My friends who've had issues usually had low levels. When they got supplement shots they did fine. I'm praying it's just typical pregnancy spotting, but something check. Or worry about, sorry ;o)


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