Jan 28, 2010

Let Us Pray

We were in slow-moving traffic and the car in front of us had a Obama bumper sticker on it. It read:

"Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8"

My husband's Bible was lying on the dash board. He got it, opened it up to the scripture and read it. He started laughing & laughing. Then he read it to me.

I couldn't believe what it said. I had a good laugh, too.

Psalm 109:8
"Let his days be few; and let another take office. "

Let us pray . . . AMEN

In speaking of praying, my little man goes in for his tonsil surgery at 6am this morning. Pray that he comes through clean and easy. I'm worried for him, but at the same time, not. It's in God's hands.

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