Jan 31, 2010

In Love with The Tudors

I love Netflix. I love The Tudors. I love that Netflix has facilitated the romance between me and The Tudors. And it's not just because Jonathan Rhys Myers is so pretty, although I did like him better without the facial fuzz.

I'm a history fanatic. If I had gone to a traditional college instead of a technical one, I'd have majored in history. My favorite "character" in history is Catherine the Great, Empress of all the Russias, but I've read quite a bit about Henry VIII, too.

I dread that I'm coming to the end of the episodes that Netflix has available. What will I do without my "fix"?

Anyway, I found a free ringtone for the main theme of The Tudors that I'm preparing to download to my phone as we speak. Gotta get my dose wherever I can, right? (wink)

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