Feb 5, 2010

No Phone Zone

I don't watch tv, much less Oprah, but I get her newsletter. And when I saw that she's advocating a No Phone Zone while driving, I was INTO that!! Since I am nothing if not caring of my fellow drivers, I'm posting the plea to join the No Phone Zone (I keep wanting to spell that with an F!) with me. Come on, you know you spell even worse when you txt and drive.

Distracted driving is a deadly past time. You can get on that Oprah site and see the stories of lives lost, children hurt, studies on what your brain actually does in these times, but please don't run the risk of hurting someone else this way. Remember that next time it could be you on the receiving end of the distracted driving accident.

I keep my teenager busy sending my txt from the passenger seat but she's not for loan. At least not today...

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