Jun 11, 2008

Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

I hate summer in that the kids seem to come to me all day long whining their favorite new tune "I'm BORED!" Usually, it's a password to the bathroom cleaning, baseboard scrubbing world I live in, but I must plead exhaustion this time around.

I've been on the lookout for the $1 kid craft items this summer and found several great options at Michaels and Jo-Ann's, but what about just stuff around the house? It's early June here and still pretty windy and cold, so outside isn't the best option right now. When it is nice enough, you can bet your bippy I boot their butts out the door ASAP for as long as I can.

After reading my copy of Families with Purpose tonight, I thought I'd put together a short post of Summer Boredom Busters culled from many different sources, including TA DA! M.

Organize a Family Olympics
Have a backyard obstacle course
Join a book club or summer library reading program
Take a litter collection walk
Build a Colosseum in the sandbox
Make your own puzzle
Have a scavenger hunt
Spend the afternoon singing everything you have to say
Build your own pinata
Play with water balloons or in the sprinkler
Blow bubbles
Wash the dog
Give the kids some old unused shims, markers and glue and let them go to town!
Play stickers - paper and some old stickers, even old credit card ad stickers, are fun
Make musical instruments
Make Treasure Stones
Make Doorway Dangles
Make your own homemade books
. Enough said.
Have the kids help menu plan, bake special treats, make place mats, play at washing dishes
Make a family newsletter and send to far away relatives
Make your own popsickles

From Family Fun:
Indoor Crafts List
26 Boredom Busters by Parents
99 Days of Summer Games for Kids

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Anonymous said...

Awesome list. I could have used this on Monday for our sick day. But I came up with a great activity that I was able to sit through.

We had a tea party where Princess colored and cut out paper cookies. I think I may have to write a blog post about it.

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