Jun 11, 2008

Baby Update

Got nothin' else to blog about? Blog about PREGNANCY! Whoa - it's like gold...

I'm almost 35 weeks now and that is about the time you start to get the least comfortable. I gotta pee every few minutes, my hips ache, my hair is falling out and the heartburn? Mmm...


I think the monkey is still sitting up, not locked and loaded for delivery. I'm really bad at playing "What's that baby part" even after 5 kids. But the kicks change all the time so I'm unsure what I'm feeling where and the Dr refuses to comment. I'm starting to get a complex about being that since I'm a "padded" woman.

Even being "padded", I've put on FIVE whole pounds since the beginning of this years' baby growing adventure. I think it's hilarious, actually, since I've not been trying to lose weight, just to eat healthy and keep on exercising. Granted, it's been several weeks since I've made it to Curves, but at this point, I'm more tired and the need for rest outweighs (giggle, snort) the need for exercise.

I've started the weekly Dr visits now, adding that to the weekly Non Stress Tests because I'm insulin dependent with the Gestational Diabetes. While my Dr tells me that this doesn't make me high risk, everything I've read says that it does. However, my GD is well managed through not only insulin but also eating the right way (more veggies and salad than a cow could ingest, balancing carbs and proteins, exercise moderately). My Diabetes Educator is pleased with me and the baby looks great!

This morning, however, he was much more interested in sleeping than kicking around for good readings. Potentially, the NST could take as little as 20 minutes, but could also take about 2 hours! Imagine 2 hours strapped in a reclining chair with tight bands across your belly and the need to PEE every 30 minutes!? Generally it takes my little guy about an hour to get the results they are looking for, but it's better with one nurse than another. I think the one I had today isn't as well versed as the other and it took longer for that reason.

Time to put the bratski's to bed, watch a video with Hubbers, take a warm relaxing shower and fall into bed, exhausted from a day of motherhood. And, oh yeah. I gotta get some more food into this body - it's HUNGRY AGAIN!!


AZMom said...

Only a few more weeks my friend!!

everaftermyway said...

I think mine is feet down too but i am hoping to ask the doctor today to see what she thinks.

Good for you for only gaining 5 lbs!! I have gained 30!!!!!

Tirzah said...

Fun fun! I love the only 36 days left on the ticker! It makes it seem so doable! (If you don't remember, we're really close in our pregnancies!)

An Ordinary Mom said...

We are definitely in the homestretch aren't we :) !! And you are right, it is the really uncomfortable stage.

I have to do the weekly non-stress-tests, too, but luckily my little man is like Big Brown and is always galloping away.

Only 30 more days to go for me (I have a scheduled medical induction for the high risk pregnancy), but who's counting :) ?!?

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