May 16, 2008

Uh... Camping?

I went camping once as a Girl Scout. I went once before I married up with Hubbers. I have successfully avoided sleeping on the ground and cooking over the flames in the dark for 12 years now. Until my buddy invited us camping this Memorial Day weekend.

Hubbers thinks it's an awesome idea and we're going! I'm excited to see this friend, who moved away from our town 2 years ago, and for our kids to hang out together, but not so excited to be 32 weeks pregnant and sleeping on the ground and peeing, well... every half hour. They're taking their 30 foot camper, but we're tenting it!

Yes, I do think it will be fun and it's only 13 miles from "civilization" if I need to bug out. What I'm really worried about is camp cooking. What do I make for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Helps me, internets!! Send me your best basic camping recipes or we'll be eating peanut butter for EVERY meal...


Aimee said...

Uh, I say the pregnant woman gets a spot in the camper, dude!

And I have no recipes, because my mother does any camp cooking on those RARE occasions when I do agree to go camping.

T with Honey said...

You can always check out the Boy Scout's website for some camping meals but my favorite easy meal is Foil Dinner.
It can be done with almost any meat (sausage, chicken, even shrimp) although we go with ground beef or turkey most times.
Take a big piece of foil. Put down a chunk of ground meat. Then put cut up veggies (usually carrots and potatoes) with some chopped onion, salt and pepper to season.
Then you start to wrap up your dinner in the foil. Before closing the final side put about 3 tbsp of water in. Then wrap again with a second layer of foil.
Place in the hot coals of your campfile. Fish it out 45 minutes later for a tasty meal.

And if you bring a good cast iron pan you can cook anything over a campfire that you normally cook at home.

If all else fails bring hot dogs to roast over an open fire using sticks.
Have fun!

AZMom said...

Do you have a camp stove??? We have a 2 burner camp stove and make eggs and sausage for breakfast and throw them in a tortilla! Lunch - peanut butter and your choice of jelly or honey. Dinner - hot dogs or chili dogs, chips and drinks. Snacks - s'mores!

yes, I love to camp although I do not think I would want to do it 32 weeks pg. Take an air mattress to put your sleeping bag on!

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