May 15, 2008


I need to get some more potting soil and put those poor wilty tomatoes out of their misery.

My bathroom is dirty and needs cleaned, but as I told Fried Okra on Twitter just minutes ago, bathroom dirty? Close your eyes!

I gotta update my Netflix Queue - some good movies I NEED to rent and have mailed straight to my door!

My table is buried in life's messes. Jerky bag, fruit roll ups box, gumballs, otter pops, kids allergy meds - I hit Sam's Club today! Box Tops for Education fliers to be sorted and sent to students, Box Tops to mail off, Campbell's labels, a custom costume for a sweet almost 7 yr old this Halloween, cloth napkins to sort into clean vs dirty, a gift basket won in a raffle at an event we didn't even attend! Luck be upon us!

Anyone ever see Juno? Was it good or stupid? I'm so very pro-life that I can't abide stupidness about the birth or abortion non-decision.

I can't seem to remember to take my blood sugars after lunch lately - or even eat lunch at all! I'm just not hungry and on the weekends? I'm off and running and forget to eat. Thankfully the trend in the blood sugars is good - my gestational diabetes educator is happy!

My little one is still laying transverse with his head to the right, cushioned oh-so-nicely upon the placenta. Please pray that he turns to the "locked and loaded" position soon. I dread another induction or C section.

My iced tea is gone, my kids are running the yard like hooligans, and I'm darn happy. Tired, but happy.


Aimee said...

Praying that the babe turns around for you. You know I went through the same thing with Bun and he did finally get his act together at the end. That placenta is just so darn cushy :)

AZMom said...

Hope the baby turns soon!

Glad to hear all is well though :-)

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