May 18, 2008

Tale of the Tail and the Hair

We've talked before about my [love] disgust of squirrels, I believe. Squirrels are freeloading, seed stealing, bird scaring rats with furry tails. Plus they molest the fence in the backyard on a regular basis!

Anyway... The big girls and Daddy slept out on the deck last night under the stars. The girls were excited, calling it getting ready for our camping trip next week. They started out in the princess tent and then decided it was too lonely out there. Daddy came home from his meeting and sent them back outside with directions to bunk down on the deck where he would join them.

For being 82 degrees F yesterday, the night was apparently chilly. Daddy came in to sleep around 3am, Oldest Girl kifed his blanket and snuggled closer to Curly Girl. Curly Girl abandoned her at 5 am and came in to sleep on the couch.

So, Oldest Girl was alone on the deck with LB the wonder mutt to protect her. Oldest Girl woke up only to find an ugly, dirty SQUIRREL scrabbling through her HAIR! She screamed, rightfully frightened, the "rat" jumped at least 3 feet straight up and took off. The Wonder Mutt, sleeping on the job, belatedly chased the now disappeared rodent toward the tree.

While it makes an hysterically funny story, I can't help but feel strongly grossed out that my baby was molested by a squirrel while the dog watched. Then again, maybe the squirrel thing will be so scared it won't come back to steal from my feeder again?

We can only hope...

Image courtesy of MorgueFile and sirdouglas

1 comment:

AZMom said...

LOL that is funny but poor baby!! I would have screamed and I love to camp! LOL

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