Mar 11, 2008

Tom, Dick and Harry

From an email I received recently:

Most people have seen the Steve McQueen movie The Great Escape at least once. This is about that tunnel.

The story is awesome; the interactive map is also creative, not nearly as much as the fortitude it took to engineer the escape itself. The animation alone is worth looking at, but the story of the tunnel is amazing.

This is a fascinating look at a tunnel that was built in a German POW camp which allowed 76 Allied POWs to escape.

Check it out. Run your cursor over each number and it will tell you about it. Click on the link below. I think you'll find it fascinating.

I love history but sadly, WWII is not something that I'm too familiar with. This webpage is an awesome tool to help someone like me, interested but not too knowledgeable about it, to understand a little more what POW camps were like in 1944 World War II.

The story of Tunnel Harry.

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