Mar 3, 2008

Martin Sheen and SFO Mom

I read the most interesting post about Martin Sheen on Barb's blog today. He's receiving a medal from the University of Notre Dame for illustrating the ideals of the Catholic Church.

When did Pope Benedict XVI decide that pro-choice was acceptable?

From Barb's blog:

The Curt Jester provides just a few examples of how well you've done that--bashing conservatives, backing pro-abortion candidates and giving the weak excuse that you would never deny someone the "right" to choose, particularly a woman of color. (HUH? What makes them different from white women in this regard? Perhaps you agree with Planned Parenthood that these women should be specifically targeted for the grisly procedures that kill their babies.) Yes, you have worked on behalf of the poor, of immigrants, and against the death penalty--but you failed to protect some of the most vulnerable, as well as their mothers.

(Life Decisions International lists Martin Sheen among celebrities who support Planned Parenthood and/or legalized abortion.)

Remember, Mr. Sheen, you're not the President. You just played one on TV.

Amen, sistah...

It seems to me that sometimes celebrities lose track of themselves in the big picture. They aren't policy makers, important in politics (Arnie aside) or the scheme of the world. They're just people, sometimes beautiful, who learned that playing a role is something that worked for them. Amazingly, the world doesn't revolve around them! Coming to terms with that is something we all have to grow out of, hopefully around age 6!

Isn't it interesting how we promote people who are basically overgrown children into the limelight as so called "role models"?

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Maggie said...

I live in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and we have the Annual Fund drive. This year the recorded message that gets played at all the parishes was narrated by Martin Sheen. Amazing!

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