Mar 2, 2008

Taxes 2008

A bit later than normal for us - by a month - but we finally got our taxes done tonight! I'm so glad it's done. Not only a small bank account infusion, but no more dread doom cloud hanging over my head.


How about you? Do you do the good old pencil and calculator routine? I like Turbo Tax online - efile there, too. Because Hubbers invests with Vanguard, we get a Turbo Tax discount. Check out your investment company and see if they offer a discount.

There - that's my best tax season advice. That and get it done as early as possible. No more doom cloud for you, either.

In good news, I'm approaching my 500th blog post! I have a baby doctor appointment tomorrow and the ultrasound on Friday. Hubbers got "kung foo'd" by the little bunting over the weekend. It's the first time he felt this one move. I guess it's time to work on names. Tomorrow is also the last 6th grade home ec class. Thank the Heavens!! Other people's kids? Those other people can just keep them...


tegdirb92 said...

I haven't been here in awhile...I am SO HAPPY about your pregnancy!! WOO HOO!! WTG!

Anonymous said...

You're far enough along for Hubbers to feel the kicks? Where did the time go??

Angie said...

When I followed a link through our bank's website (, I was able to get 15% off on Turbo Tax. It doesn't say you need to have a Fifth Third account though, even though I do.

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