Mar 14, 2008

How Do I Feel?

I have a shirt that says "Not Fat... Just Pregnant" and one that says "Who's Barefoot?" but I'd like one like this:

Only it would say my actual due date, 19 July, and that it's a boy, and it would add "STOP ASKING ME HOW I FEEL!!!!"

I feel 6 months pregnant. 22 weeks. Cranky, tired, hungry, and I just "failed" my 3 hour glucose test.


The baby is measuring exactly on the dates predicted by conception and is beautiful. The Drs use these extremely unpredictable and results un-reproduceable glucose tests to tell if a woman has gestational diabetes or not.

I have issues with the whole test and should have just refused it. After all, who fasts 10 hours and then drinks 100 grams of straight sugar water and then doesn't move at all (no exercise allowed) or eat anything else (to help absorb the sugar). I also didn't take my insulin resistant meds that day until after lunch because of the no food thing (you are supposed to take them with food).

I'm rambling, but it makes me mad! Long story short(er): I failed my gestational diabetes challenge and will have to "control" it with diet. Which I was already doing by eating the right way. I will refuse any other tests or interventions that come with this false diagnosis and just keep doing the correct eating and exercise, which is what they tell you to do with this dx, anyway.

Good article: Henci Goer

And how come no one read my awesome post on the 2 new car seats I picked out?


Awesome Mom said...

So.... how are you feeling? lol!!!

When Evan was born weighing a whopping 10 lbs 6 oz all the doctors were soo sure that I had GD. I had a test that measures your sugar levels long term and I was perfectly normal. I just have giant babies.

Anonymous said...

I get to take my glucose test in about 3 weeks! I've never had it before, but I do have big babies!

Cute pic!

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