Aug 3, 2007

Ooooohhh... P-A-I-N!

From the Naval Safety Center, forwarded by Hubbers:

Everyone always loves to complain about wearing PPE,” our contributor (a Marine ground safety officer) writes. It’s uncomfortable. It’s old. Goggles make it hard to see. Everyone has reasons not to wear it. “Here’s a good reason why you should,” he says.

A Marine was sewing away on some flight equipment, using a trusty sewing machine that he’d used a hundred times before. Soon he heard a most unusual grinding noise. The thread tangled in the bobbin, the needle started to bend and… bullseye!

As you can see, it wouldn’t have been a bullseye, it would have been his very own personal eye if he hadn’t been wearing those goggles.


T with Honey said...

I never would have thought to wear safety glasses while using the sewing machine. Yikes!!

JennaG said...

Can you even imagine? Wow.

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