Aug 4, 2007

Take Me Away... Weight Watchers!

I've never been to Weight Watchers. But Aimee has a VERY good post about her loving relationship with that fine facility. And it was over at her place that I found a like to some very vintage WW recipe cards.

The things they did to jello and fish... (shudder)

Visit and gawk at the circa 1974 Weight Watchers Recipe Cards. Then come on back here and get in touch with reality again.

Melon Mousse, anyone?

1 comment:

Awesome Mom said...

I laughed so hard that I almost peed in my pants. Those recipe cards are sooo awful and yet so funny. My favorite is the Jellied Tomato refresher, it is amazing to think that someone would come up with that horror and think that people would actually want to eat it. I can only imagine the conversations that went on in the test kitchen.

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