Aug 2, 2007

It's Just NOT. RIGHT.

Drive thru Chinese food? Uhhhh, no thanks.

For all the time that it takes me to make lucious Chinese food at home, just zipping through and picking up some Kung Pao chicken is far too easy.

It's just wrong.

Also, check THIS out on etsy: Nature over Nurture


T with Honey said...

Once I got past the initial reaction of "that's unnatural and just WRONG" I started to think. Remember how babies sometimes like to play and pinch and pull when they nurse? Can you imaging the fun an infant would have playing with all that chest hair? Ouch!

Scribbit said...

I took my son out for CHinese food this week--his first time eating it. I couldn't believe I hadn't introduced him to it earlier. He thought fortune cookies were terribly exciting.

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