Aug 8, 2007

My Name... Meme

My name is:


Meaning: Princess
Origin: Hebrew

Tag, YOU'RE it - open tagging going on here. You want to play along? Cool. Leave me a comment and you'll get some commentation from here!

(Thanks, Miles to Go...)


Mike said...

So what's in my name?


T with Honey said...

Wow! I forgot that Sara means Princess. We already had baby names picked out a month before Princess was born. Then around a week before her appearance we started thinking about the name Sara instead.

When she was born I and laying on my tummy I looked at Princess, turned to Honey and said "No, not Sara. She's definitely a OriginalGirlsNameChoice. But she was almost named Sara!

The Estrogen Files said...

Come on now, Mike! It's YOUR job to figure that out! However, since I have a son named Michael, here's what I found:

Michael is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "who resembles God". Mike is the shortened form and is of English origin.

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