Aug 8, 2007

Small Space? Big fixes!

I like the Better Homes and Gardens website. It's so pretty and full of useful ideas that I will never actually use but enjoy drooling over. Beyond that, I have a small house (1400 sq ft) and lots of family (4 kids! pets galore! Hubbers!) and need some storage ideas since we have no garage. So when I saw the article entitled Steal 19 Small-Space Ideas, I was all over it!

Good, useful ideas on what kind of out in front storage that doesn't suck and is pretty and how to achieve some nice looks.

And just for fun? Take this Organization IQ test.

My results?

Your Score: 8 of 10, or 80%

Your Rank: Neat as a pin! Give yourself a medal for outstanding organization.


Kari said...

When I read "small house (1400 sq ft)" I had to laugh a little. It reminded me of this: I was reading some "Cottage Living", or something like that, magazine last year where a woman was describing their little ol' beach bungalow. She was it was very small and very limited on space. After all, it was ONLY 2000 square feet.

I cancelled my subscription after that issue. It was obvious that they and I were on completely different wavelengths. lol

T with Honey said...

Where's the link for the quiz? I can't seem to find it.

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