Jun 5, 2007

Snort of Derision from Hubbers

I shared this very funny, very true (yes, yes, verily) button with Hubbers tonight.

And what did I get but a snort of derision from that man of the house and the comment that it was more like DE-motivational.

My vengeance? Not purchasing him any beer for another week. We'll see how motivational THAT is!


Hey, we've been married 11 years and have 5 kids - something must be going right! Must be that beer thing...


Mom Tu-Tu said...

Just dropping by your blog! Thanks!

T with Honey said...

Oh, hasn't he learned not to snort at the wife while she is pregnant. I'm surprised you're not withholding the beer for more than one week. You could call it 'trying to cut back at the grocery store to make up for the price of gasoline.' Yeah, that's it!

annie said...

I like to think of myself as a motivational speaker as well!

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