Jun 4, 2007

Meal Planning Central Linkage

From the mom behind Dine Without Whine:

Menu Planning Central

Stop Feeding Your Kids Junk!

Save Time And Money By Planning Your Meals

Learn How To Plan Your Meals

Stop Feeding Your Family Junk!

If you had a choice between grabbing fat-laden fast food yet again or serving your family a balanced, home-cooked meal, which would you pick?

What if I told you that you can prepare that home-cooked meal and save time and money over the so called "Fast Food" option?

Menu Planning allows you to do just that. It ensures that you have the ingredients you need in the house to whip up a delicious and nutritious dinner in less time than it takes you to find a coupon for your favorite pizza joint -- again.

But who has time to sit down to find recipes, make a menu plan and the grocery list to go along with it? The Menu Mom Does! (Doesn't she sound like a super hero? Don't you want to be her?!)

She’s done all the hard work for you, compiling recipes and creating printable shopping lists. All you have to do is click print and you’re set to feed your family for an entire week.

Don’t spend this summer stuck in the kitchen, missing out on summer memories, or worse, wasting your money on fast-food. Let the Menu Mom handle everything for you.

Stop Feeding Your Kids Junk!


Nan said...

The teensy baby in your sidebar gives me baby fever... but then I scroll down and read about morning sickness and I think... umm... yah, I'm done with that! LOL! ;^P

Thanks for the link in your sidebar! :^D I appreciate it.

Christine said...

There was a reason that I visited your blog. Guess what we have been eating that we don't usually eat? JUNK!

I tagged you, please visit my blog for more information.

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