Jun 27, 2007

Shots of the Backside?

You. Want. To. See. My. Bum?!

So the reason why I was mowing in my apron is this: I was out collecting laundry off the line and the apron has the BEST pockets ever for holding the clothes pins until I get to the bag. (Plus I like the apron - see it here.)

The mowing thing was kind of spur of the moment. It needed done, since we were losing children in the long grass and weeds daily. We've also been building a new shed and all that junk is scattered all over so it's been tricky doing the lawn care.

Hubbers insists that I wear safety glasses when I mow, but it was too dark for my sunglasses and I don't have any that just look like glasses - I had to wear safety GOGGLES. Yuck. And since it was still hot, though getting dark, I was [sweating] glowing and the goggles were getting foggy.

PLUS I was wearing the new set of headphones for my mp3 player and Hubbers says they make me look like an alien, since they are large white around the neck kind. (I usually prefer the vertical ear buds, but couldn't find them this time.)

So that sets the stage. Asked why he perpetrated such foolishness, the guilty stated "Because I could."

Now, the shot of my (pregnant) bum (no, you only get ONE!):

Now that you've looked at my fat butt, please go over and leave a comment at Especially Heather who is celebrating her halfway point of radiation therapy for brain cancer by collecting comments from everywhere! (Check out that Cluster map!)

I did my little part from here in SE Idaho - do yours! I'm comment number 1027.

Now, I'm going to go take a nap. Woke up at the crack of 7 am (after getting up and sending Hubbers to work at 4.30 am) to drag OldestGirl to softball practice, doing a dress fitting for a wedding, sewing the second dress for said wedding, and working on the boy to pee in the potty again (and again...) AS WELL as doing laundry that the kids didn't haul out this weekend for me. Gotta have clothes for seein' Gramma. Anyway, I'm plain wore out.

Later, Alligators!


T with Honey said...

I have to admit, its the bright orange/red shirt that ties the whole look together for me. ;)

You're one busy woman. Thanks for taking the time to humor us!! Cardinal sin #1 doesn't have a hold on you.

Stephanie said...

ROFL with you I hope. Great picture! :)

Aimee said...

tee-hee! Thanks for indulging your internet fan-base :)

JennaG said...

Thank you for explaining. You will have to come read my post today--my hubby did something similar--only not my backside!

tegdirb92 said...

I would have loved a shot of you in your goggles!! Anyway, lovely bum shot :)

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