Jun 26, 2007

No! Bad Hubbers! No Treats!!

Hubbers is in trouble. He took the most dirty pictures of me yesterday. (No, not like that - get your mind out of the gutter!)

Mowing the lawn.

In my apron.

And scary, foggy safety glasses.

And not just one picture, no that wasn't good enough. He took five.


Of my backside.



Aimee said...

Oh, Hubbers . . . foolish man :)

But, so we get to see the pictures, right? Or have you already destroyed them ? :)

T with Honey said...

Doesn't he know one of the cardinal rules of peaceful living with a pregnant woman?? NEVER take a picture of her backside without explicit permission. Silly, man!

But I'm with Aimee... show us the pictures!! Unless you were smart enough to destroy the evidence already. ;)

Mike said...

You mow the lawn in your apron. Hmm?


annie said...

And you didn't post them on your blog?

JennaG said...

Where are they--and I, too am wondering about mowing in your apron. That's a new one to me! Aren't husbands ornery?

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