Jun 8, 2007

My Next Apron Adventure

You know it's Apronpalooza right now over at Life is Like a Lunchbox? And today is the LAST day? While I was unable to participate this time (sick, pregnant, and so on) as a sponser from my sewing business (wahmom.com), I'm getting in the spirit by making some of my own.

My children all want in on the fun, too, so we hit the fabric store yesterday for some beautiful fabrics! My pictures aren't so pretty as some blogs I could name (Hello, My Name is Heather, A Number of Things, How About Orange) but I think it's my cheapo camera. Regardless, here's some shots of the new fabrics:

The yellow and blue dots are for YoungestGirl, the butterflies on blue are for OldestGirl, and the odd Hawaiian print is for CurlyGirl. Mine is the pretty pink with flowers. I let them choose their own fabrics and they were VERY excited.

Now, to work...

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