May 3, 2007

Post of Note: Gooey Gunk by The Cheerio Queen

Check out this cool kid friendly recipe over at The Cheerio Queen.

This is a silly putty like product I made for the kids to play with. It is similar to play dough except it feels like jello but does not stick to your hands. In fact it is a cross between play dough and silly putty. I LOVE this stuff! It is great sensory for the kids to play with, and it does not stick to the floor like play dough does either. The cool thing about this stuff is it reforms itself after you play with it. like if you cut it with play dough scissors and then stick it in a bag in pieces it will reform itself to one big glob again. Very science like if you ask me. ;) I got the recipe from the children's director at church and finally got it made up. The kids are having a blast with it...especially since it is called "gooey gunk" hehe.

- The Cheerio Queen

Gooey Gunk

Solution A :
1 cup water
1 cup white glue (not washable)
2tbs. liquid tempera paint or 7-10 drops of food coloring (I used food coloring it worked great)

Solution B: - ah ah ah~ you have got to visit The Cheerio Queen to get the rest of the recipe!

Suffice it to say that you mix solution A into solution B and it gels up and makes cool stuff for the kids to play with. I'm saving this project till summer for my bums rugrats.

As long as I'm sending you away from my blog, (though heavens knows WHY you'd want to leave anyway...) here's some more bloggy linky love:

Running the Numbers: An American Self Portrait - This new series looks at contemporary American culture through the austere lens of statistics.

Grease Babies - A baby musical preview

Flowers - Click and drag your mouse everywhere on the black page and see what happens!

Betty Reynolds' Quilting Page - I was looking for a hand print/signature quilt design for the Kindergarten class at school to present to their teachers and came across this. I just love looking at them!

One more confession: I failed in my organizational challenge in that I didn't get everything done that I had planned, nor did I remember to photograph before the clean/purge process. Organizing Junkie may have to beat me about the head and shoulders but I will be participating in the next challenge, with (God willing!) better results.
She tells me to keep plugging away, and I will!

You should SEE the amount of junk stuff I donated to the local La Leche League garage sale. I got a polite note from the leader expressing appreciation for the donations and it was worded in a way that I interpreted the meaning as "Don't give us any more of your junk!". The leader says, no, that's not what she meant, but I still wonder... :lol:

Today I have a PFA (like PTA) and church music meeting at the same time. Since I have the worst cold ever and it is affecting my voice, I think I'll be attending the PFA meeting - I'm secretary elect, after all!!

It's raining here in loverly Idaho and that means no outside laundry. I've got the heater turned off from earlier in the week when it topped 80* so I'll do some inside laundry and baking today. It's a good day to try Scribbit's Tamale Pot Pie...

One more thing - Barb, I had my thyroid tested this week and it was off! Not enough "juice" to work my body correctly, hence the tiredness, loss of hair, and so on. The Dr thinks it's a disease where my body attacks the thyroid constantly, thereby making it work ineffectively. It's called Hashimoto's Disease.

Yes, welcome to my beautiful bloggy world!!

World Breastfeeding Week: August 1 - 7


Maggie said...

I did the same thing with the November Challenge. I did not enter this time because my house is now nice and neat and decluttered. It is on the market. It is so uncluttered, I feel like I am living in a hotel. I prefer a happy medium..

Moonbeam Baby said...

I love the Flowers link!

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