Mar 27, 2007

Hey There, BALDY!!

My hair seems to be stuck in the Lose It mode lately. I find my hair brush absolutely FURRY whenever I use it. My shower is, well, let's just not go there. We'll just say it's tragic.

I know that hair goes through cycles of growth and loss, but I think I've more than paid my dues. I'd like the Hair Loss Fairy to just find someone else to bother now, please. Doesn't help that in the distant past, lurking like a specter, there is a great-grandmother who was B-A-L-D!

I asked Hubbers the other day if he would still love me when "the girls" were drooping to my knees. After some thought (as well as pain and dire threats) on his part, he decided that, yes, he would. After seriously deep consideration (about 2 seconds) I decided not to add in the bald part...

(Yes, I have my thyroid monitored on a regular basis - thanks for the concern!)


In other news, the weather here is said to be going from this idyllic spring day:

To this less than optimal spring day:

within 24 hours. Technically, this is not a bad thing, since we're in the high desert climate and we need all the precip we can get. Our annual precipitation is about 9 inches per year and this time of year is when we usually get the MOST of our snow pack for the water this summer. The fact that it was nearly 70 degrees F over the weekend is insanity itself!!

So while I don't really care for shoveling snow, I like water in the summer and will praise God when promised deluge arrives. 3-7 inches - come on bay-bee!!


Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day doing... nothing. at. all. I got out of lots of chores using the birthday excuse, including being the big-bad-shower monger to the children. Yes, it was a good day.

Images via MorgueFile

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Barb, sfo said...

Might think about getting your thyroid checked. That could explain the hair loss.

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