Apr 9, 2007

Spring FLING! ORGANIZING Extravaganza!

I have cleaned and organized both kids' rooms (with their help) and my computer desk! Starting small, working toward the larger chore.

I meant to do this long before now, but here it is. I'm joining Organizing Junkie's 30 Day Organizational Challenge.

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Problem is, there's SO MUCH that needs organized that I'm having trouble starting. So I'll start little and go from there. Watch for horror inducing photos of my death defying feats of cleaning! purging! organizing!

Visit Organizing Junkie for more info and to join in the F-U-N!

1 comment:

org junkie said...

Thanks for joining in the challenge! Can't wait to see the pics...glad you got the kids involved...never too early to teach them the remove, sort and purge technique! Awesome :)


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