Apr 10, 2007

No Smoking (Computer) Please!

Hubbers computer just gave up the ghost last night, smoking and everything! No, I jest - it didn't smoke exactly, just kind of steamed from some unidentified cause.

Him being the computer guru, this drives him CRAZY since he can't get the thing to boot or even access his data. And that drives ME crazy, since he is in a perpetual bad mood and I can't jolly him out of it.

He is a bear to live with in the bad mood which wouldn't be so bad if he was in a bad mood at work. HOWEVER, he has taken the first two days of the week off to nag enjoy his spring breaking children. Love him I do, but at home for so many days in a row is disconcerting!

Whatever happened, he is now sans computer and wants to use MINE!


At least it's only his email he wants to check. At least he uses his laptop for his heavy duty gaming programming interests.

Here's another installment of Us vs Them, Tuesday 'Toons:

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1 comment:

UKZoe said...

Never had a computer do that, but hubby EXPLODED a paper shredder once!

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