Apr 18, 2007

Prayers for Heather

**Updated** As of 9am this morning (4/19), BooMama reports that more than $10,030 has been collected for Heather. What a blessing for her and her family!

Gosh, I don't hardly know where to start! It seems that a wonderful woman named Heather has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is headed to the Mayo Clinic for a meeting with the neurologist. You know Heather, the driving force behind Swank Web Design - you've seen her delightful artwork on BooMama's site.

BooMama has set up an Internets Rally to raise a little love offering for Heather and her hubby to have a little financial help in this giant undertaking. To read more in depth, please click here. You can donate while you're over there, if you're so inclined.

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