Apr 19, 2007

"DUH" Moment - Call to Prayer

I don't watch TV nor do I read the papers. I had to read online in another blog about the Virginia Tech tragedy. How very very sad.

While I was catching up on my sadly abused and ignored bloggy list on Google reader, I found myself at Rocks in My Dryer reading about the Call to Prayer from Campus Crusade for Christ of Virginia Tech. Please consider stopping by their blog and praying along with them for this and all victims of violence.

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JennaG said...

Is it not one of the most horrible things you have heard? I'm so sorry for all involved--and to be the parents of that young man--unbearable. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words. And I am very thankful there is such a thing as Lactaid dairy digestive pills--it makes ice-cream painless!

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