Apr 20, 2007

The In-Laws are Coming! The In-Laws are Coming!!

Yes, you read that right twice. My in-laws are arriving in town this evening for the celebration of MiddleGirl's First Communion. They can only stay one night, having responsibilities of their own for Sunday Mass in their parish, but having them here is a big treat for the kids. BigNephew will also be coming with them - JOY!!

In all seriousness, I get along swimmingly with my in-laws. I like them SO MUCH - now that we live 250+ miles from them. I think that my initial troubles in liking them was related to the fact that MIL and I are so similar. (You know what they say about men marrying women like good ol' mom?)

I was determined from the beginning to have a good relationship with them for the kids' sake, if nothing else. And that forced good will eventually DID turn into real live love for them. So it's true - pretend long enough and it WILL happen for real! At least in this case...

They are much older than my parents, being in their 70's since Hubbers was the 7th of 8 kids. My parents are in their mid- 50's. It's sad to think that it may not be long until they are unable to travel to see us since they are such vital and energetic people!

I dread the day when one of them passes into the great reward with the heaviest of hearts. Or if one of them should fall into a lingering illness or disease. With a family history of Alzheimer's, it could happen. Praise Jesus that it hasn't so far.

But Hubbers and I have already discussed caring for the remaining parent after the loss of one. In fact we decided before we married that this would be very important to both of us - caring for elderly parents. So much so that we would make it possible for that person to come live with us when the time came. (And considering that my parents are divorced and he has TWO (2) Mothers-In-Law, that's a B-I-G commitment!)

Have you given any thought to this future scenario in your own world? What would you do if one of your parental units needed care after the loss of the other?

Think on it.

Pray on it.

And while you're down there speaking with our Savior, send up a little prayer for my CurlyGirl and her First Communion on Saturday morning.


JennaG said...

That would be so hard to me--to care for an aging parent. I am pretty sure I am willing though. It is wonderful that you have made that commitment together. I know all will go well with your daughter and with the visit.

annie said...

We have lost three grandmothers in the last 6 months. It is so hard to watch people you love pass away, it is hard to watch people you love age, it is hard to age :o). I'm thankful that there is more to this life than this life!
♥ Annie
My Life as Annie!

T with Honey said...

I am currently in this position. My mother is only in her mid 50's but we lost my father in a car accident 22 years ago. It's a long story but although she was disabled in that first accident it wasn't until she suffered a neck injury in another car accident 5 years ago that left her unable to work. Luckily she is mobile enough to take care of herself in the one-story ranch house I grew up in. But Honey and I provide considerable financial support.
When she was deemed 'unemployable' mom and I had a long conversation. Upon her request, once the artificial hip can't be replaced anymore she will move into an assisted living facility. Although her baby brother insists that she should go live with him instead.

Angie said...

We agreed long ago that we would take care of my parents if that time/need ever came to be. But, we also were relieved when my SIL indicated that she would take care of my in-laws if they ever needed it. Trust me -- we WILL hold her to that. LOL

Oh, and I'll be sending out prayers for your daughter!!!! :)

Aimee said...

First things first: Many prayers for CurlyGirl and you on her special day. Be sure to let us know how beautiful it was!

Now, onto caring for aging parents:
I'm pretty sure my MIL will most likely live with my SIL when the time comes, at least that's the scenario they talk about most frequently. Her life and friends are up in NY, and we are the only ones who live here in PA, so it only makes sense for her to stay up there. As for my parents, I would love to have them move in with us. I would sell our house and sell their house and buy one ginormous house so that we could each have our own little place, but still be in the same house. I don't know if I could convince my parents to leave their town so we'd have to figure something out there, but it will most likely be me taking care of them since I am the oldest by far in my fam.

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