Mar 20, 2007

Myriad Jumble Pile Scattered = My Mind ~ mental spew

Hey Y'all, it's TUESDAY! We in Idaho don't, as a rule, say "y'all", but I'm feeling jovial and been reading Suburban Turmoil lately.


So what do YOU do on Tuesdays? Me, why thanks for asking! I attend Bible Study Fellowship on Tuesday mornings.
Yes, yes, I like it a lot.
No, it's only my third week, but that's okay!
Yes, they do provide child care/classes for the kids and little BoyBoy enjoys his and fits right in with the other 2/3 year olds.
Well, we're studying Romans this year, and today we spoke on Romans 12:3-8. Yes, that's the one where Paul compares the Body of Believers/Christ to the human body.
What's that? Sure, you can come to an introduction class right after Easter. Just check out the BSF website for more info.


I'm working with someone at Simpli Nature to make some designer carrying cases for the Byetta diabetes pen. It looks like LOTS of fun and the prototype I made turned out wonderfully for a first go.


Easter is fast approaching and I haven't done any more on the dresses and outfits for the kids than plan and cut out. I find myself running out of time and unsure how to squeeze in more. BITE YOUR TONGUE! How dare you even CONSIDER that I give up blogging!? Okay, maybe just a little...


I was reading over at Faithmouse today about the Hensel conjoined twins. He's got a beautiful article and photo of them over there, just enjoying their daily lives. Once again, the verse in Romans 12 comes to mind about all of us being part of the Body of Christ. And so I will pray for them tonight, and all children who face medical adversities.


Speaking of which, did you see the cute daisy looking thing in my sidebar over there to the left that says Pray for Izzy? Yes, I made that! Click on it to visit a remarkable and inspiring mom and daughter. Izzy is a miracle survivor of a near drowning. Say some prayers for her, though, since she has to undergo a bunch of root canals on Thursday at the hospital. Poor baby. Root canals are no fun under ordinary circumstances, but having more than ONE done in a day is excrutiating. Trust me on this - I speak from experience...


One last thing: Don't forget Organizing Junkie's 30 Day Organizational Challenge coming up in April. I'm in for this - my closet, craft area, bookshelves, well let's just say ALL of my house will benefit. I'm too busy reading great blogs to actually DO any housework, right?!!

All right, there it is. A peek into my cluttered mind. Mental (sorry) vomit. Did you see my POLL over there to the LEFT on the sidebar? I'm curious to know, are there things you hestiate to blog about? If so, what?

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EmilyJane said...

Hi Sara...I just started BSF too with my 2 year old. It has been a wonderful blessing. Just wanted to drop in and say hi!

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