Jan 12, 2007


My dishwasher started making this horrible, grinding, coughing noise last night. I was afraid to let it run at all and with a gigant-o load of dishes stacked inside, it was a B-A-D thing.

Hubbers told me that he would look at it today, but has he? No. He spent his day playing Final Fantasy X on PS2, then running to the store to purchase some adjustable RollerBlades for the 3 girls (which I also had to attend, of course), running home for lunch and setting up the blades for the first roll out, running back to the store to exchange his newly purchased wheels for a better size (?), THEN spending 1 hour of his precious rink time installing said wheels, then dragging us ALL to the rink to skate.

Normally, we skate on Saturday afternoons. It's our family exercise activity and we really enjoy it. One day early and it just throws us all OFF TRACK! But back to the dishwasher.

I've got a large family, 6 of us in all, and since there was no school today (another long story involving sub-zero temps and a walk to the bus stop and back because I wasn't listening to the radio this morning but some nice lady on the way to the bus told me that school was off, even though her kids went to a different school than mine) I've made three or four meals today and have had to wash, by HAND every stinkin' dish in the HOUSE!!

I am so spoiled.

Hopefully Hubbers will get it looked at tomorrow, or I'll have to take matters into my own hands.

And that could get expensive...

BTW, it's INTER-National De-Lurking Week, so do the right thing - COMMENT!!


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

You and me both, Mama!

My dishwasher broke in December - I think it will be fixed this week.

Funny though, I've actually been enjoying doing the dishes...

Now, laundry, I'm not liking so much.

Go figure.

Stephanie said...

AAAAAHHHHHH! No dishwasher? I would go nuts!

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