Jan 11, 2007

Zippity Doo-Dah!

An email snippet from a friend:

You may remember some time ago that *boy* offered his opinion to me of those blanket-sleepers, the ones with the feet and the zipper running down the front. He summed up his feelings in one word (accompanied by an appropriately disapproving facial expression): "Zippers!"

Turns out, he had a point. The other morning, he got up early and went in to the bathroom. All of a sudden, he's calling to me urgently and in pain. I ran into the bathroom and saw that he had caught himself in the zipper in an extremely personal way.

He looked at me with this pained expression on his face and said, "Daddy, I zippity'd my doo-dah!"

(Fortunately, it was a minor "zippity," and he was shortly back to running around like nothing happened.)

ROTFL! Poor boy.

National De-Lurking Week

*Names changed to protect his privacy!*

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