Jan 13, 2007

Blessed Be! My Hubbers is a Saint!

Yes, he fixed the dishwasher with only 1 day lag time! It turned out to be a simple repair - just cleaning out the innards and re-attaching a loosened circular bit.

I guess I'll have to reward him in some way - maybe bring some beer home for him? Make his favorite dinner? Clean the bathroom? (Just kidding)

Among the nasty-ish things found in the dishwasher:
  • LOTS of calcium/lime/hard water buildup. Ick.
  • Fully compacted soap squares in the drainage area of the dishwasher, exactly conforming to the shape of the squares in the drain itself. Eww.
  • A stray white string of some sort. ??
  • A micro/mini button of the doll variety in a style I have never used in my sewing business, therefore where did it come from? Hunh.
Thankfully to say, wonderfully to behold, the dishwasher no longer makes that nasty coughing/grinding noise and works beautifully now. Prayers of thanks to the patron saints of dishwashers, moms, and dishpan hands.

On the negative side, I realized how worn out the poor racks in Ethel-the-Dishwasher are! No wonder my white dishes are now rust colored in various spots.

Purchase a new one? $160 + oversized shipping. Nope.

Buy a secondhand one? None available at this time. Rats.

Purchase some marine grade sealant? In land-locked Idaho Falls? Yeah, right.

Buy the liquid vinyl repair kit? $20+ a pop? That would be a big NO.

Guess we'll continue to limp along with what we've got and had for the last 10 years. I'm not buying new dishes, so I guess I don't need a new rack or repair just yet. (How's that for logic?!) But I did make friends with the appliance repair guy on the phone and he said he'd watch for a good used rack for Ethel.

Good for Me! Good for Ethel! Good for Hubbers' wallet! It's all good.

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Aimee said...

Yay on getting your dishwasher back! I used to be the dishwasher when I was a kid, and my dad would always gross me out by saying he was going to serve "dishpan stew" with the little bits of food that collected after doing the dishes. GAH! I shudder to think of it, and I am throwing loving glances at my dishwasher as I type!
Thanks for your comments at my place, and Happy De-Lurking Week!

Iris said...

Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my site!!! Looks like you have yourself a nice little place here! I will have to look around a little more!

Happy De-Lurking Week!!!

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