Jan 13, 2007

"Smell THIS!" Contest

Reading a snippet from an email buddy who's teenaged son decided that taking extra care of oneself in the form of exfoliating or lotioning was useless without a man to appreciate said actions, I found myself rolling with laughter. Here's what she said:

Unlike 15 yr old males who only wash when their mother refuses to have them in the car ride to school because of the odour of what can only be described as the corner of a guinea pig hutch…

She's naturally funny, of course, but with fodder like that, it's like pie!

Based upon my reading of that to my Hubbers and DD#1, the "Smell THIS!" contest began. Hubbers told L to smell his arm, to which she promptly replied:

That smells like something I ate once!

More rolling from the peanut gallery. Of course, one-ups-manship soon followed...

Whereas I live in a house where farts are funny, I won't bore you with the details. Just rest assured that, yes, it is my kid laughing at gaseous emissions in the classroom. Dainty little ladies that they are.

I tell you, it's all their father's fault.

It is, you know, International De-Lurking Week for a few more hours...


Her Bad Mother said...

Sneaking under the wire for Delurking Week - HI!

Barb, sfo said...


It's not too delicate around here either. And I think that the 15-year-old boy described--is my kid.

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