Dec 11, 2006

Sanctity of Human Life Week - January 27-28, 2007

I was doing some research on Our Lady of Guadalupe for the upcoming feast day and learned that she is the protector of the unborn. I saw the most hideous photos that are still plauging my mind, days after my educational researching.

Abortion is something that I never much cared about until I had children of my own. How callous I feel now, that human life mattered so little to me until the age of 20. So when I received an email entitled The Sanctity of Human Life Week from Focus on the Family, I felt that I had to help get the word out to the public.

For all I know, about 2 people read this little scrap of writing that I do (and I most heartily thank you BOTH!) and it may be old news to them. But God is calling me to be more proactive in the abortion cessation movement and I'm going to start here.

Check out this site for more information, free resources, photos, church bulletin inserts, posters and more on The Sanctity of Human Life Week. I'll be posting more on this, I'm sure.

This is a picture of a sweet unborn at about 30 weeks in utero. Look at the beautiful smile.


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

It's great Sara that you feel called to be more active against abortion!

San Francisco is having a WALK FOR LIFE in January. I'll post details soon on my blog.

Any chance you guys could make it?

Sara said...

I wish we could make it! We live in Idaho, but maybe we could organize something here? Gotta look into it...

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